Press Reviews

'Say I Am You, the finale to the evening, introduced Sinclair's stunning and exuberant companion piece to Symphony of Psalms. Under the inspirational leadership of Sarah Tenant-Flowers the 'connections' of the title were explored still further, this time through the dynamic communication between instruments and voices. At one moment grandly sweeping crescendos at another intimate conversations with pulsating rhythms building to the thrilling climax.' (Laurence Sach)

Sinclair's music is brim full with energy and drama. Pulsating rhythms are his trademark and the first movement of Syzygy (it means a pair of connected or correlated things) quite literally had them dancing in the aisles. (Laurence Sach)

'Cameron Sinclair's The Fly... very distinctive and quite unique.' (Musician Magazine)

Magic Flute Reduction: ' ingeniously reduced... the arrangement worked marvellously, evoking the musical world of Mozart's sublime Piano and Wind Quintet and revealing details of the original woodwind scoring that are often subsumed...' (Hugh Canning, Sunday Times)

'Cameron Sinclair's witty and resourceful orchestral reduction.' (Terry Blain, Opera Brittania)

'Cameron Sinclair's cunning reduction of the score' (Pat O'Kelly, Irish Independent)